Because your vehicle is unique and precious to you, you naturally want to keep it safe and secure. Only Cobra tracking services are sophisticated enough to deal with today's vehicle thieves.
Cobra Link is an advanced GPS fleet management tracking system with a 24 hour theft monitoring and stolen vehicle recovery service. With Cobra Link, you are connected to your vehicle fleet, your workforce, your customers and most of all to your business.
Vehicle theft is a rewarding business and a low risk crime. Cobra's approach to theft issues is based on the observation of the methods used by thieves and the development of specific deterrent systems.
Parking assistance systems provide effective aid during low speed manoeuvres as they alert the driver to unseen obstacles behind or in front of vehicle.
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Cobra has built up long-lasting relationships with most of the vehicle manufacturers worldwide, and since 1991 has been supplying anti-theft products fitted directly onto vehicles during the manufacturing or assembly stages